Avoid these things especially when you have acne

No one likes having pimples on their face. If you want to get rid of pimples like this quickly, there are things to avoid when you have pimples.

Acne is something that cannot be controlled. No matter how much you take care of your skin, it always comes out when you want to. It’s even worse on days when you have to go out with a pretty face. Not one or two lumps came out and it was red. I will tell you what you should do and what you should not do if you get big red pimples like this.

Too much facial hair

When you have acne, don’t wash your face too often. Because the face is new every now and then, acne will not decrease, but because of the new face wash, it will become dehydrated and more acne will come out. So avoid too much wood.

I want to disappear quickly using easy methods

Don’t try to find acne cures when you get pimples. How many days will the acne be eradicated? It will take time to get rid of acne. Don’t want to get lost in easy ways.

Hand squeeze

If a pimple comes out, the most common thing to do is squeeze it with your hands. Squeezing with your hands is the main culprit in causing more inflammation and scarring. Squeezing with your hands will cause more bacteria and more inflammation. I like it when there are no acne hairs, but the scars and holes left behind will be annoying after a while. Do not squeeze with your hands.


Avoid scrubbing at all. Scrubbing after acne breakouts can cause more inflammation and more breakouts. Also, when you scrub, you will touch the pimples and it will hurt. It should be done as maintenance from the beginning rather than just coming out.

Sleeping with makeup

Pay special attention to cleaning your face when you have acne. Oil on the face, If the dirt is still there, the pimples will definitely come out again. Clogged pores due to makeup, Remove your make-up and go to bed to avoid oiliness. No matter how tired you are, if you don’t remove your make-up when you’re about to sleep, it’s like inviting pimples.