Choose this to make the base makeup right

When it comes to makeup, the first priority to choose is foundation. If you start from the beginning, he is life. If you choose the wrong foundation when doing your make-up, the make-up will only be on your face. So you need to choose the right foundation. I will tell you how to choose. If you choose at the store, be sure to choose.

How to choose?

When choosing, you have to be careful to get the closest color to your skin. I couldn’t choose what I thought would be convenient. Choose the one that will be convenient for you. If you choose, if your skin is different from your face and hands, try the tester on your face rather than your hands. Apply a little. If you try, don’t try the same color. Try at least 3 colors. (3) After trying the color, you will get a foundation that will blend in with your skin and be smooth.

Does it suit your skin?

Guys.. If you choose makeup, the color is life. If you choose the wrong color, you will be unhappy every time you apply it. Makeup foundations come in many different colors. No matter which brand, you can choose at least (3) colors. Choose the one that suits you best. So choose a brand that can choose more colors. So it can be more convenient. There are (2) types of skin, cold tone colors and warm tone colors. Cold colors are pink and white skin. Then choose a foundation that goes towards white. Warm colors should be chosen by people with brown and yellow skin. You can also ask this at the shop. Ask which is cold and which is warm. and then select If your skin tone is warm, choose from the levels on the warm side. Don’t choose white because you like other people’s faces to be white. It’s beautiful to others, but think first if it’s comfortable for you.

Skin type

When choosing a makeup foundation, you can’t forget your skin type. Makeup can change depending on the skin. Some of them are oily after applying foundation. His face turned black again. This is because it depends on the skin type. If your skin tends to be oily, don’t choose foundations with a lot of oil. Take just enough to make moisture. If you have dry skin, avoid foundations that cause dryness after application.