Satozhi, The world’s First Proof-of-Burn Decentralized Platform Token on Binance Smart Chain

Resilience and Decentralization

Satozhi could represent an interesting step forward in terms of securing local and global financial systems.

Flexible Transparency

All transactions of Satozhi are public and transparent, the identity of the perpetrator of the transaction is kept private.

Automatic Solutions

Satozhi is suitable for use as a new generation of fully automated service to reduce operating costs.

Information of Token Satozhi.

SATOZHI (SATOZ) Was formed using a technical protocol similar to Bitcoin (BTC) which was created according to Satoshi Nakamoto’s proposal. If in Bitcoin (BTC) we are familiar with the Proof-of-Work (PoW) protocol then at Satozhi (SATOZ) a better protocol is made, known as Proof-of-Burn (PoB).

Token Name – Satozhi

Token Symbol – SATOZ

Total Supply – 21,000,000

Mintable Rewards – 50 /10 mins

How to Rewards on SATOZ?

To get a Rewards, you must burn your token on Satoz Platform. after doing this, the reward will be distributed 50 Satoz every 10 minutes with an even distribution of the total tokens burned. Rewards will be obtained forever until the total tokens back to 21 millions.

Where do the burn reward come from?

The reward come from new minted token with the max token is 21 millions Satoz. SATOZ saved on the Smart contract (0xf4341fA52669cea0c1836095529A7E9B04b8b88D)

How does the Proof-of-Burn (PoB) protocol work?

Satozhi (SATOZ) is the first token in the world to use this new protocol. This protocol uses the logic of burning the token supply in the block chain, and then creating a new token in the pool every 10 minutes.

How much prize do I get from burning SATOZ?

You will get a prize every 10 minutes. The prize distributed is 50 SATOZ, this calculation is obtained from the personal percentage that you burn to the total supply that has been burned. The bigger you burn, the bigger the portion you get from a total of 50 SATOZ /10 minutes.

The Scramble Rewards are 50 SATOZ
For Every 10 minutes

Rewards are determined by how much you burn multiplied by the percentage of total burned, Rewards are received forever.

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