Dino Game Second Extinction Cancels Full Release

Developer Systemic Reaction has revealed that its dino hunting first-person shooter Second Extinction has been cancelled. The game was released in early access three years ago, and a lot of Turok fans were excited by the game’s potential. Unfortunately, the team discovered what it describes as “a few critical issues” and the small developer “lacked the resources necessary to hit our quality targets and exit Early Access and Game Preview.” The game will be removed from sale, and the servers will be going down at some point next year. At this time, no set date for the removal has been announced, but System Reaction has stated that players will be informed in advance.

“As game developers, we always try to highlight our wins – but sometimes we also need to celebrate our failures. Although Second Extinction did not achieve the goals we aspired to, it remains a success for us on many levels. Our small team turned an innovative concept into a fast-paced, fun experience that is amazing when shared with friends,” Systemic Reaction wrote in a post on Steam. “And when it’s all said and done, our mission is to bring this kind of joy to players everywhere in creative, explosive ways. In addition, Second Extinction has been a major learning experience for us. We’ve come away with a list of things that worked incredibly well, and things we know to avoid for future projects. One thing is for certain – while Second Extinction may be coming to a close, our commitment to crafting memorable moments that capture the magic of gaming will never fade.”

Fan Reaction

Unsurprisingly, many fans have lashed out about the news by giving the game poor reviews on Steam. Second Extinction’s Recent Reviews section is now listed as “overwhelmingly negative.” A glimpse at the reviews shows a lot of fans airing their frustrations with Systemic Reaction as well as parent company Avalanche Studios Group. Many have taken issue with the silence that has surrounded the game over the last year, while others referred to the developers as “scammers” for charging for the game and not coming through with a finished product. The whole thing is an unfortunate situation, and it might make some people think twice about supporting another early access game in the future.

Second Extinction Servers

Unfortunately, Second Extinction does not have an offline mode, so when the game’s servers do go offline next year, it will be rendered unplayable. This is one of the sad realities for any video game lacking an offline mode, and it’s something we’ve seen a lot of over the last few years. With the game ending next year, it’s difficult to say how many players will actually stick with Second Extinction until the end, but hopefully players will find something else to enjoy in its place.

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