EA Sports FC 24: Best Players for Trailblazers Slide Tackler Evolution Upgrade

EA Sports FC 24’s version of Ultimate Team includes a new style of upgrading cards called Evolutions. These let players take low-rated cards and upgrade them by completing various in-game activities. On October 19, developer Electronic Arts dropped a new Evolution into EA Sports FC 24, the Trailblazer Slide Tackler Evolution. This new upgrade path lets you take your favorite leftback and give them a big boost, in addition to adding a new PlayStyle+. It’s a powerful boost that anyone can take advantage of for free, so knowing who to spend it on is key. Let’s take a look at the requirements for the Evolution and the best players to use it on.

What is the Trailblazer Slide Tackler Evolution in EA Sports FC 24?

This Evolution’s biggest benefit is that it gives your player the Slide Tackle+ PlayStyle. It’s not the best PlayStyle+ in EA Sports FC 24, but it can be helpful, especially as you try to track down pacey wingers. That said, this Evolution is versatile because there are several players who fit the requirements and can play other positions, making them attractive options. Before getting to those players though, here are the requirements to keep in mind:

Max Overall: 80
Max Pace: 86
Max Passing: 79
Max Defending: 79
Max Physical: 79
Position: LB
Number of PlayStyles+: Max 0

Once you complete all of the objectives associated with the Evolution, you’ll earn +4 Overall, +5 Pace, +5 Passing, +5 Dribbling, +5 Defending, and +5 Physical, as well as boost the player’s Defensive Work Rate to High and add the Slide Tackle+ PlayStyle.

The Best Leftbacks for EAFC 24 Trailblazer Slide Tackler Evolution

There are all kinds of options for this Evolution, but some stand out from the crowd. Below, you’ll find a list of players that fit the bill and then a short description of why they’re among the best options:

Tyrell Malacia – Manchester United
Ben Godfrey – Everton
Cucurella – Chelsea
Ramy Bensebaini – Dortmund
Olga Carmona – Real Madrid
Renan Lodi – OM
Alex Sandro – Juventus

Starting with the Premier League trio, Malacia, Godfrey, and Cucurella are all solid options, though the latter two have more utility because they can also play centerback. It’s also worth noting that the league has several other options including Reguilon and Estupinan, so you can basically just pick your favored Premier League leftback and go to town. They’re all solid.

Bensebaini is a great option for Bundesliga sides and can also swap over to centerback. Series A teams can do the exact same thing with Alex Sandro, though his Brazilian links make him a much easier player to get into a team even if he isn’t quite as good of a player.

Speaking of Brazilians, Renan Lodi is a great option for Ligue 1 teams, but it is worth noting that Caoi Henrique plays in the same league and has a relatively cheap (and better) option in SBCs right now. The final pick is Carmona, who is a beast on the wing for anyone running with Liga F players. Considering how popular players like Putellas and Carolina Hansen have been, Carmona is definitely worth considering.

EA Sports FC 24 is available now on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms. The Trailblazer Slide Tackler Evolution is available until November 8.