Mortal Kombat 1 Invasions Is Bringing Back MK11’s Raiden, Kind Of

Mortal Kombat 1’s next four seasons of Invasions leaked earlier this October, revealing that we’ll soon have months themed around Nitara, Sub-Zero, Raiden, and Mileena. Now, dataminers have discovered three of the boss skins, giving us a glimpse at what rewards we can look forward to earning.

Nitara and Sub-Zero have similar villainous embellishments like Scorpion, with spiked pauldrons and gloves, giving them a beefier, armoured look. However, the most interesting of the three is Raiden’s, now wearing his MK11 outfit. Initially, when the Raiden season leaked and it was revealed to be based around Dark Raiden, the MK11 variant who appeared in the story, fans expected the accompanying skin to be an older Raiden voiced by Richard Epcar. However, he is still the younger, Fire God Liu Kang version, just in the MK11 outfit.

Given that, fans aren’t too happy. “That skin does not fit new Raiden at all,” enigman1234 commented on T-pellyman’s post sharing the three new skins.

“Disappointed that they have new Raiden’s face model over Dark Raiden’s MK11 costume, but don’t have the face model of Dark Raiden from MK11… which was in the story and had a different voice actor,” ItsSonicSpeed said. “Literally would have been the perfect premiere skin.”

“He looks like a little kid in a Halloween costume,” nixahmose said. “It’s almost kinda adorable.”

There are other concerns besides Raiden’s voice and face. Some are asking if he’ll have red lightning, tying together the Dark Raiden look, while others want to know if he’ll have glowing white eyes, since the skin doesn’t in the leaked photos. And despite the use of young Raiden, there are players who are happy to see an MK11 outfit return, as it could mean one of Ermac’s fan-favourite designs also making an appearance.

For context, NetherRealm shared MK11 concept art of Ermac, despite him not being a playable character, and his new look was received extremely well. It modernised his classic ninja appearance in a similar way to one of Scorpion’s most iconic and constantly recurring looks. Importantly, it gave him a mask, something fans are itching for in MK1.

While we wait for Raiden, we have Nitara’s season to look forward to, just in time for Halloween. Another leak from last week revealed that her month will be about vampires and all things blood.

Nitara will invade Fire God Liu Kang’s timeline from a world in which the Vaeternians rule and are “mobilised for war” across the multiverse. Their plan is to liberate the vampires of each reality so that they too can take over.

Part of that liberation comes from expanding their ranks, biting Earthrealm’s champions. By the end of the season, Liu Kang will have cured everyone, but that does tease some vampire-themed cosmetics all the same. Get ready to see Scorpion twinkle.