Starfield Players Want an Elden Ring Feature Added to the Game

Starfield players have asked for an Elden Ring feature to be added after a chance encounter with an NPC. With Starfield selling well, many fans are enjoying the expansive world and the treasures to be found within. Whether it’s a new discovery, a funny glitch, a unique collection, or even an unexpected encounter, there is a lot of content to make the game entertaining for many players’ preferences. Some features have even inspired several gamers to come up with suggestive ideas that Bethesda could consider in its next updates.

One eagle-eyed player found out that destroying Starfield ships had an interesting effect. It turns out that eradicating other ships spawns a crash site on the nearest celestial body the spacecraft was orbiting. This is just one of many things Bethesda has included which shows how attentive it is to even the smallest details. These discoveries leave fans wanting to find out whether there are more hidden features in the game that they can stumble upon. However, one interesting glitch has led to a few players asking if Starfield could explore adding a new multiplayer game mechanic.

Reddit user MLieBennett shared their experience of what was a Starfield NPC exiting a spaceship. The user then proceeded to attack the said NPC, which saw it get blown to a different location. Surprisingly, the Starborn Traveler NPC survived and proceeded to one-shot the player. This has inspired them to ask Bethesda whether it was time to consider adding PvP-style invasions, as inspired by Elden Ring. The idea itself is enticing, especially since many modern RPGs, especially from the Dark Souls-styled games, have embraced this concept. Interestingly, many other players agreed with the suggestion, even implying that maybe a bounty system could also be introduced.

Even before its release, many gamers had high hopes that Starfield could introduce or include multiplayer gaming. The game world had much potential in introducing options that would benefit from a cooperative and competitive set-up. Admittedly, it wouldn’t be smart for the game to go the No Man’s Sky route or the Fallout 76 route since those games rely heavily on the multiplayer aspect. Still, even trading mechanics or slight co-op play could help add more flavor to the RPG.

The massive world of Starfield could possibly benefit from an injection of multiplayer mechanics if introduced. Many fans think it’s still early, and that Bethesda can still include PvP and PvE to help expand the Starfield lore even further. Hopefully, Bethesda considers many of the suggestions as there does seem to be merit in exploring the galaxy with friends or a player-controlled companion.

Starfield is available now on PC and Xbox Series X/S.