The Burmese Words For A House That Carpenters Are Talking About

Starting from the top of a building, the term carpenter refers to a roof that runs parallel to the horizon below the top of the shields. This is called a rafter plate. Usually Pyin Ka Toe 4 “× 2”; 5 “× 2” is often used.

The Burmese word for shield is known as rafter in English. High ceilings are called triangular walls above the walls on either side of the building. It is called a gable wall in English. The wooden house is covered with planks and the brick house is covered with bricks.

The Burmese word for “hat” is a horizontal line between the two ends of the shields. It is called tie beam or roof tie in English. Mostly new Pyin Ka Toe 4 “× 2”; 5 “× 2” is often used. Engineering students make the most mistakes.

A walker is a piece of wood that is in the same position as the crossbar. The application is usually placed on top of the package. It is a horizontal line where shields can rest. It is usually made of 5 “x 2”. In English, it is called a wall plate. Because there is a wall under it.

In wooden houses, wood is the first material to be laid before the floor is laid. The floor is usually set to 5 “× 2” to accommodate the floor. In English, a day is called a beam. In a house, the floor should be no farther than 5 feet to strengthen the floor.

The top of the day is usually a 4 “x 2” square. A step is called a joist in English. The steps are usually spaced 10 inches apart to prevent the floor from tilting.

The planks that cover the floor are called belts. There are different types of 1-inch boards. It can be 6 to 12 inches. This is called a facia board in English. Flowers are also called facia, fascia and eaves board.

Arrows are mounted on the shields. The frogs also have to be cleats to keep the arrows from falling. These arrows are called purlin. Pyin Ka Toe 3 “× 2” and 4 “× 2” must be installed no more than 3 and a half feet apart.

Some arches are lined with 2 “x 1” timbers to cover the bricks. This scale is called the batten. The batten component is added depending on the hook on the tile roof.

Some of the shields support the shield. This is called a king post in English. It is usually made of 4 “× 4” poles.

Before the walls of a building were erected, white cloth was called a framework in English.

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