Htee-Pwint-Kan – A Lake in Which Mud Collected and Formed The Shape of Umbrella

There are many unscientific stories in many places in Myanmar. When we heard them in our childhood, most of us thought like, “Wow, that’s so cool!” But actually, many things are far from practical reality. Among them, the story about Htee-Pwint Lake would include as one of them.

There is one thing people talk about is the answer to the question, “Why are the mud-umbrellas floating here?” Most of the answers are either “There is a volcano under this lake” or “A dragon that lives under the lake was furious and blowing fires up.” The answers sound so much like we are living in Disney World.

Let’s find a possible answer. First of all, we would like to start from how that lake was found.

Hunting was one of the Kayah Traditions. One day, an elder from a village went hunting and lost in the woods for days. There was no preparation since it was casual hunting so that there were no food supplies with him. The hunger became a problem. With that, he was thinking that it would be fine if he got some water to drink. Then, he continued walking and saw a big black dog so he followed it. After following along the big black dog, he found a lake and it was Htee-Pwint Lake.

When he had drunk water as much as he desired, he looked around and looked for the big black dog but could not find a trace. So, there was one more thing to question about, was that big black dog real or not? Till now, Htee-Pwint Lake is considered as a traditional spiritual lake. This is the story of how it was found.

So, let’s recall the things which we were told in our childhood days. Was that lake really located above volcanoes? Or was it made by the supernatural powers of the sprits? Actually, “Htee” which floated in the lake were mudded which were left from sands. However, when they floated above water in the shape of an umbrella, people usually made wishes thinking it was mystical. In fact, it would be possible to have some abnormal temperature in the mud beneath the lake. It is most likely to be similar to the fact of why Blue-Lakes became blue.

When entering that place, one can see two lakes and the one from the right side is just like ordinary lakes, being nothing special. However, there is a sign written, “Don’t go in. Traditionally spiritual lake.”

A few years ago, when the boarder of Htee-pwint Lake was refined with cement, the numbers of floating umbrellas (muds) were obviously reduced than before. There were some days which have not a single umbrella floated. However, it is a place you should visit when you visit Kayah.

Note: The history of Htee-Pwint lake was found is an oral-history so that there would be similar or different versions.