Things that two lovers can do while staying at home

Whether you are a couple or a couple, here are some things you can do together at home. To create things that can work together, understanding each other. It allows you to get more close and you don’t have to go outside, so it also protects you from viruses like COVID 19 that often occur in crowded places.

Play the game

Play games that you can play together If one is a game that one does not play, the other one teaches and makes them more close and affectionate

Cooking competition

After each cooking two different kinds of curry, the other tastes the curry and comments on what he likes more and better, etc.

Make up

They put masks on each other to make their skin beautiful and take care of each other’s skin while staying at home.

You can learn the language

At this time, almost all young people watch Korean dramas. You can learn a language while watching this, and it’s good to learn other languages ‚Äč‚Äčtogether when you’re together, so you can do that.