Pixel 7 series, Pixel Tablet, and Pixel foldable camera details tipped (info found in Google code)

Although Google has somewhat unveiled the Pixel 7 and the Pixel 7 Pro back during Google I/O, there are still many unknowns about the two phones to be officially released sometime in the fall.

Now, Android Authority reports about a developer that’s giving us some more info (possibly) about the cameras of the two phones, as well as the camera of a Pixel foldable and a mysterious third device that may or may not be a test high-end Pixel. Let’s see what the new info is!

Developer digs into Google’s code to find glimpses about the cameras of the Pixel 7 series

The developer, Kuba Wojciechowski, has shared the uncovered info on Twitter. Wojciechowski notes that it might not be 100% accurate, so do keep that in mind. The info was found by digging into Google’s code, and also by translating the hidden behind different codenames sensors and then comparing it to multiple resources (namely camera drivers and GitHub).

First off, the Pixel 7 series’ camera sensors are found to be the same as their predecessors. The main camera sensor is reportedly the 50MP ISOCELL GN1, while the ultra-wide is the 12MP IMX381 sensor (both of those are on the current reigning Google flagships). The developer also notes the two Pixel 7 phones share the same 11MP selfie camera (the sensor is reportedly Samsung 3J1).

We’ve heard from previous rumors that the Pixel 7 will this time have an 11MP selfie camera, an upgrade over the standard Pixel 6, which got an 8MP one (the higher-end Pixel 6 Pro got that 11MP sensor).

On top of that, according to the discovered code, the Pixel 7 Pro will replace the 48MP Sony IMX586 telephoto sensor (the one that’s on the Pixel 6 Pro) with Samsung’s GM1 sensor. According to Wojciechowski, this move could ensure a more consistent image processing, given the fact that now the main sensor and the telephoto are from the same manufacturer (Samsung).

An unknown Pixel phone dubbed Lynx, could be a test device

The developer has also spotted a third high-end phone that’s been unannounced. The possibility of having something like a Pixel 7 Ultra is very unlikely though, so it is quite likely this phone is just a device made specifically for testing new hardware, as the developer suggests. The mysterious Lynx Pixel carries the 50MP ISOCELL GN1 main camera and an IMX787 sensor for the secondary rear camera.

The latter is a 64MP sensor, by the way. On the front of that mysterious device, we have a 13MP IMX712 sensor for selfies.

Pixel tablet camera info + Pixel foldable info discovered too

But the developer has not stopped with the Pixel 7 series and the mysterious Lynx. Among the info Wojciechowski dug out, there are also glimpses of the Pixel Tablet (expected for a 2023 release). The tablet will reportedly sport 8MP IMX355 cameras both for its rear camera and its selfie shooter. By the way, this sensor is the same sensor used as the selfie camera on most Pixels in the last few years.

Wojciechowski also talks about an upcoming foldable Pixel (it’s been in the rumor mill as Pipit or Passport). The device is said to sport a 50MP GN1 main sensor, a 12MP IMX363, and a 12MP IMX386 sensor. The 8MP IMX355 sensor from above is also noted here as a selfie camera.