Romantic love is like this

It’s really not easy to create the kind of love you imagine. But that kind of love doesn’t just happen by itself, it’s love that’s created… So romance is not about surprising your lover with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, but I’ll tell you what real romance is.

1) He is always there in your most difficult times.

If your boyfriend solves all the problems you have without being abusive, and you also help him without looking at his problems as an obsession, then both of you have a very kind of love.

2) Be open to each other.

Whenever I meet him, he is relaxed and free. I can be real without having to pretend. Also, I don’t have to be ashamed of my own weaknesses in front of him, and he doesn’t see any fault in my weaknesses. Then, I have a romantic lover and a romantic kind of love…

3) Even if they are far from each other, it’s him.

No matter how different the land and the seas are…the fact that they are loyal to each other with a firm heart is the most romantic thing….It’s as if the feeling of being the only one to die for is stuck in the heart of both of them.