Things you should prepare before getting engaged and getting married

Suppose two lovers are engaged. This means that marriage is just one step away. Let’s see how you should be at this time!

Reduce the shortness of the pregnancy a little.

This is a way to avoid a potential problem. There should be absolutely no fighting between engagement and marriage.

Discuss everything openly.

I will do housework. If there is an outside job, we will do housework together on weekends and clean up together.

Tell me about your weaknesses.

I either sleep badly, It should be said in advance.

Plan how to spend the monthly income.

The cost of the house is so much. This is enough to support both parents. Cooking rice can be planned like that.

Decide when to take the baby.

This is important. In this age, the cost of a child is not yet. So, will you take it after getting married? You should consider this point whether you will take it in the next 2 or 3 years.

These little things are the little things that you should prepare before you get engaged and get married. I pray that everyone can have a happy family life with their lover.