BMW’s gaming chair, complete with air conditioning and a press

The renowned automaker BMW Group has unveiled a gaming device that is the stuff of gamers’ fantasies. A futuristic, ultramodern gaming chair called Rival Rig has been unveiled by the design office of the BMW Group, DesignWorks.

At BMW Esports Boost, an esports event put on by BMW, the top engineers from the renowned automaker unveiled the amazing concept design. Al technology is used to operate the sensor systems on the Rival Rig. Air beds and mechanical arms are present.

When it’s sweltering outside, DesignWorks keeps this seat cool. According to reports, two new features are the adaptive seating system, which can modify the seat to the best and most comfortable position, and the microclimate control system, which can control the temperature when it is cold.

The greatest eSports play is supported by this product, which was specifically designed with gamers’ health in mind. It also features the most comfortable and performance-oriented design. The sensors included inside the seat can identify the seated person’s posture.

Also, it will be able to gather information about the user’s weight and mood when playing games to customize the seat. To cool a heated space, the Rival Rig can also sense a person’s body temperature.

Several features will be added to this seat, such as buttons that, if the gamer becomes agitated, will relax their muscles. To give you the impression that you are playing a game, RGB lights will be synced up across the chairs, just like the futuristic design.

BMW’s Gaming Chair – Rival Rig is still just a concept right now. The product that will hit the market must then be carefully monitored.