Microsoft unveiled a new “Modern Keyboard” that includes a fingerprint sensor built into the key

Microsoft secretly unveiled a new keyboard called the Microsoft Modern Keyboard. The new keyboard was surreptitiously put on Microsoft’s US website without any official notification, which is why it is said to have been released covertly. Priced at $129.99, the Microsoft Modern Keyboard is available now.

When it will be offered for sale is still unknown. It said “Coming Soon” in writing. Microsoft’s alleged “Hidden Fingerprint Sensor” is one of the characteristics of this keyboard. The keyboard body won’t just include a fingerprint reader like other keyboards do. The right Windows key now has a new key that features a fingerprint sensor instead.

It’s possible that you won’t even be aware that it has a fingerprint reader. The keyboard has an aluminum frame, and according to Microsoft, the body will be of the best caliber. The probability of injury is said to be utterly nonexistent.


Aside from the thinness, the design is not very unique compared to a standard keyboard design. The Fingerprint Scanner Key on the Modern Keyboard will now allow Windows 10 users to use the Windows Hello feature, on the computer, log in, or When you use your fingerprint on the Fingerprint Key or log into websites, it will function.


Microsoft Modern Keyboard for Windows 8 and later, macOS 10.10.5 or later, Android 4.2 and later, iOS 8, 9 and later, and all devices that support Bluetooth 4.0 or later can be used wirelessly. No, wireless. According to Microsoft’s statement on the product page, you are free to use it with a cable.

For wireless use, there will be two AAA Alkaline batteries that can be recharged. It has a two-month operating life when completely charged. Microsoft offers a 12-month warranty on this keyboard.