The world’s smallest phone charger

The world’s smallest phone charger was created by two Brunel University students. It can power a phone by using just two AA batteries and a magnet. The charger, known as “The Nipper,” is so small and light (just 10 grams) that it can be hung from a key chain.

The gadget was entered in the Direct Line insurance company’s competition for the “Best Everyday Gadget” by Tait and Stokes, two recent product design and engineering graduates. We established a new business named “Design of Impulse” with the company’s support to sell this invention.



Two magnets and a micro USB are used to create this 3D-printed charger. Two AA batteries can be quickly charged by fitting them between the magnets and putting them into the phone if you need to charge your phone while you’re out and about.

The pair hopes to raise over £8,000 by selling Nipper, which has a maximum price of £12, on the crowdsourcing website Kickstarter. After receiving sufficient money on Kickstarter, the Nipper charger—which works with the majority of Android phones and Kindles—will start to be produced.