Xiaomi announced Xiaomi’s first pair of wearable smart glasses

An alternative to Facebook’s Ray-Ban Stories smart spectacles has been shown by Xiaomi. Before Google, Snapchat, Nreal, and Lenovo made the first smart glasses, the company’s first offering was the Xiaomi Smart Glasses. The well-known social networking business Facebook recently unveiled Ray-Ban Stories, its first pair of smart spectacles.

Xiaomi Smart Glasses, in contrast to other smart glasses, have more functionality than a secondary display that can replace smartphones. Xiaomi’s smart glasses are rumored to weigh 51 grams and feature the same design as regular spectacles. The company claims that microLED is utilized to conserve room for the glasses’ structural construction. Long-term use; increased pixel density of micro LEDs.

Its benefits include a straightforward structure and greater brightness than OLED. The display chip utilized inside measures 2.3 × 2.02 mm, and each pixel is 4 mm in size, making it stunning inside the mirror.

The monochrome display on Xiaomi Smart Glasses has a maximum brightness of 2 million units and is only readable in strong, direct sunshine. It is unknown which business the microLED display was ordered from. Xiaomi Smart Glasses use map-based navigation. Photographing Respond Another claim makes it possible to use it as a stand-alone smart wearable that can interpret data from the phone. The voice assistant system will only function with Xiaomi’s XiaoAI Assistants.

Because it will be sold in the Chinese market. When the phone rings, the assistant will show the caller’s phone number and other pertinent information from the phone on the glasses. There are two microphones in the Xiaomi smart glasses.

Speaker, It will use a quad-core ARM CPU, a 5MP camera, and a camera indicator light. Battery and touchpad are additional characteristics. The pricing and release date have not yet been disclosed, but it also contains an Android OS and WiFi/Bluetooth module.